Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring

Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care:

Metals such as brass, silver, and copper will patina or tarnish over time, especially when exposed to water, chemicals, lotions, and make-up. To prolong the finish of your pieces, take care to remove jewelry before washing your hands, swimming, showering, using strong chemicals, etc, and put your jewelry on last, after make-up and perfume.

All Renegade Fibers pieces have a sealant applied to them to help prolong the finish, but this will wear away with time.

Stones and crystals can be fragile if dropped or hit against hard surfaces. Treat your items gently, and store them where they are not at risk of falling, or hitting other jewelry items, counters, etc. Some stones can change color, or risk damage, if exposed to heat or chemicals. It is always best to remove your jewelry before handling strong chemicals, swimming, showering, etc.

Please remember that all pieces are handcrafted, and all care is taken to provide you with the highest quality. Care needs to be taken on your end to ensure the longevity of these pieces, as well. I recommend using a polishing cloth to wipe down your pieces after wear, especially if they have been exposed to lotions, sweat, etc. Store your jewelry in a dry environment.

Oxidation/blackened metal, enamel, patinas, etc will be removed by polishing or scrubbing, so try to avoid this. Treat your jewelry gently, with care. Feel free to contact me if your piece needs to be re-oxidized, etc. We can discuss options to get your piece looking gorgeous again.


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